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   This gallery includes scans (both sides) of hundreds of WCOL-AM weekly radio surveys which were issued by Columbus radio station WCOL-AM (1230). The surveys were printed weekly in the studios of WCOL just east of the downtown area and were placed in local music stores such as Lazarus and Marco Records. Rankings were based on actual sales data provided by area record outlets. The surveys provide an intriguing history of the evolution of music of the time, as well as a record of the many local artists who made their mark on local radio. They also provide a time capsule that includes products, events and promotions.
   1230 WCOL-AM was simply a legendary phenomenon, both locally and nationally. Locally, WCOL was the undisputed king of Columbus rock radio in the 60’s and 70’s. Nationally, WCOL was known as the ‘breakout station’ that other stations followed closely to find out what was ‘hot’. Time and time again, WCOL would be the first to play a record and, if listener response was strong, other stations around the country would then add it to their rotation.
   As was characteristic of the time, rock-oriented WCOL also played a wide variety of non-rock music, so it was common to find on the WCOL charts music of almost any genre - everything from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra to The Singing Nun to The Baja Marimba Band to Sgt. Barry Sadler.
   Most importantly, WCOL supported and routinely played recordings by local artists, which could be found listed on just about any weekly WCOL survey. As you peruse the charts, look closely and you will find local artists such as The Dantes, Pat Zill, Fifth Order, Rebounds, Chandlers, Bill Moss, Chuck Howard, Billy Maxted, Billy Graham & The Escalators, Gene Cotton, J.D. Blackfoot, Owen B., Phil Gary, Ronnie Taylor, The Capital City Rockets, Jeff Fenholt and many others.
   Not only did local artists appear on the surveys, but a number of them made it to the number one position:



#1 On Survey Date

Owen B.

Mississippi Mama

January 19, 1970

Owen B.

Never Goin’ Home

July 6, 1970

J.D. Blackfoot

Who’s Nuts Alfred

August 25, 1969


Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love

April 11, 1966


Under My Thumb

October 24, 1966

Fifth Order

A Thousand Devils

August 28, 1967

Ohio Express

Beg, Borrow And Steal

September 4, 1967

   WCOL listeners considered the DJ’s their close friends, even though most had never met them, often calling the station on countdown night or showing up at the studios on South Young Street. Among the many revered WCOL DJ’s were Dr. Bop (Hoyte Locke), Wes Hopkins, Bob (“Beatle Bob”) Harrington, Mike Adams, Sonny Palmer, Johnny Hill, Steve Bayless, Dan Morris, Bryan McIntyre, Jerry Gordon, Dave Reinhart, Neal Martin, Mike Perkins, Johnny Buck, Lou Henry and many others.
   It was a golden era for AM radio in Columbus and WCOL rocked the city. For even more information about WCOL, the DJ’s and the history, go to Mike Adams’ WCOL website at




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